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dream-box of our favorite artisan chocolates crafted with innovative ingredients


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Winner, Best in Sweets

Roasted and generously sea-salted peanuts are enveloped in a delicately crackly caramelized crust.  


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Valentine's Day Treats

These sugar and spice hearts—think gummy candy for grown-ups—will win over a cinnamon-loving sweetie.

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Edibles for every budget. 


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Fantastic Rocky Road

It is a fantastic rocky road…the high quality ingredients used makes a remarkable difference.

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These Ought to Be on Your Wish List

Michelle Crochet, the mastermind behind Droga Confections has a real sense of humor and a strong creative streak. 
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Upscale Classics That We Knew As Kids

Michelle Crochet was born in the Bay Area and founded Droga Confections in the city. She started the company with her mother's recipe for Rocky Road and has been gradually adding to the collection

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Who Would Have Thought Rocky Road Could Be This Elegant?

Who would have thought rocky road could be this elegant? Two of these homemade marshmallows—dipped in milk or dark chocolate—come nestled in a chic little box embossed with your message of choice.

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Impossibly Delicious Treats

This San Francisco based confectioner makes her chocolate concoctions addictive by using all natural ingredients sourced from within the great state of California.

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Plenty Addictive

There is rocky road, and then there is Rebel Rocky Road, a creation by Michelle Crochet of San Francisco-based Droga Confections.

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Artisan Wire

Locally made Droga Confections hit the shelves at Williams-Sonomas across the country today. The candy is inspired by a family recipe for salted peanut rocky road and the name means "drug" in Italian.

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Sweet Stuff for Your Sweetie

When it comes to candy, Michelle Crochet, of Droga Confections, takes her mother’s custom rocky road recipe (she uses peanuts instead of walnuts) and makes it even sexier. Tuck in to these two-bite wonders and the chocolate (milk or dark, your call) yields to your teeth, the kiss of salt from freshly roasted peanuts awakens your taste buds, and the whole thing gives way to a center of impossibly fluffy handmade marshmallow.

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Best Valentine's Day Chocolates

Droga's contemporary designs are a match made in heaven for the style-conscious set. It's hard not to flip for the San Francisco-based company's Rebel Rocky Road.

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The Fancy Food Show 2011

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Best Local Products at Fancy Food Show, Pinpointed


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This Week for Dinner

Foodie Fun: The Fancy Food Show and Food Fête Favorite Finds and Recipes


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Put Your Money On Honey, from local newcomer Droga Confections,
put a scrumptious spin on the in-vogue treat. I loved this so much I would try to get legislation passed so I could marry it (too soon?).

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Okay so I spent about 6 days in the bay for NASFT’s Fancy Food Show and came across the most amazing treats by Droga Confections. Ya, I was sold at first glance, but it wasn’t until I popped a piece in my mouth that I knew I was in love.

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 Sweet Compulsion

"Michelle Bordin has been eating her mother's rocky road for 25 of her 26 years, but it was just eight months ago that she decided to turn her family's favorite recipe into a business."
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 Sugar Rush

"Droga's Michelle Bordin has also turned a family recipe into a hit. Her rocky road candy, made in S.F., will soon be joined by honeycomb."

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 Give: Droga Confections Easter Box

A tasteful holiday-themed box of the local sweets purveyor’s ridiculously addictive rocky road (in dark or milk chocolate).
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Since I used to throw a party called +Rehab+, I'm not too phased by a chocolate being called ~DROGA~. And drug it is, man, these rocky road little numbers are delish. (Munch munch. Please, hand, stop, get away from the box.) Michelle Bordin is making these rocky road chocolates with peanuts from a 25-year-old family recipe, and they rock.
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Snacktion: Droga's Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Candy