Big Bite Brittle, Spring



Peanut brittle sprinkled with fleur de sel                                                                                                                                                                      


  • We make our brittle in small batches using premium peanuts and brown rice syrup, finished with a light sprinkling of French sea salt.   The syrup is our special sauce, giving the candy a rich, toasted flavor.   Enjoy the result.  It’s the perfect blend of sweet and salty with a nutty crunch!  Small pleasures, big bites...enjoy.

    • Crafted from lots of peanuts grown in the US
    • Blended with brown rice syrup sustainably harvested in California
    • Flavored with premium Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla
    • Sprinkled with premium French fleur de Sel sea salt
    • Handmade in small batches
    • 100% Natural
    • Naturally Gluten Free
    • Kosher Certified
    • 100% Recyclable Packaging

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